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Category: Business

What lies in the heart of Sacramento? Do you really know what goes on in this thriving city? Have you ever wondered what it‘s like living here? Welcome to Our Town, where we connect you closer to Sacramento! This podcast is proudly presented by The Chris Kennedy Team at Reliant Lending (Instagram & Facebook @thechriskennedyteam). We will be covering everything from what attracted leaders to Sacramento, what kept locals here in this growing town, business insider talks, real estate & mortgage updates, marketing for the now, insurance, credit and so much more! We are proud to represent Our Town with you! (If you are interested in featuring in one of our episodes, please contact our Director of Marketing, Kristina Tarasyuk at kristina@thechriskennedyteam.com)

What a property manager looks for in a client

July 2, 2021

Have you ever wondered what property managers are thinking about when choosing their ideal client? Well your questions would be answered in this episode featuring John Tiner.

We're always looking for Sacramento Locals & Business Professionals to feature on our Podcast, if you're interested in featuring on an episode, please send Ellen an email: ellen@thechriskennedyteam.com & she'll happily set you up!